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Beth Kressin, MA, CELC, CTRC-S

Certified Trauma Recovery Coach

     Hi, I'm Beth, and I am a developmental trauma survivor with CPTSD - a wounded healer so to speak, and I would love to walk alongside you on your healing journey.  That is really what it is, a journey, and not a destination.  We all have good days and bad days, but through healing, the scales start to tilt toward good.  Living with joy in all circumstances - isn't that a great goal!

     A little bit about me - I am married to my husband of 39 years, and we have four children - three biological and one blessing that came to us when he was 18.  The oldest three are married, and our youngest son just graduated as a respiratory therapist, and has his first "big boy" job and is looking at buying a house - how is all of that possible?!.  We are a career military family, and also career entrepreneurs, so lots of moves and businesses!  We have dealt with both primary and secondary infertility,  pregnancy loss, severe accidents resulting in loss, and also, sadly,  the death of parents.

    We are almost empty nesters, though our youngest son, and two dogs, Winston and Cleo, are still at home.  I have a Masters Degree in Counseling, I am a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach (Supervisor level), and have a passion for helping people recover from childhood trauma.

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