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You are not alone on your healing journey

     Trauma, especially developmental (or childhood) trauma is sometimes hard to see - because for those of us that grew up in it, it was our "normal." It has been passed down through generations in our family, and is just "the way it is."

     Growing up we were taught to keep secrets, and to do and become what the people around us needed so we could survive. 

     We learned to be alert at all times, and to read the room carefully so we could adjust quickly to the change in moods. 

     We also learned to put our own wants, needs and emotions aside to better serve our family. 

     All families are different, but the coping strategies and tell-tale symptoms our childhood left us with are surprisingly similar, and it is difficult for us to label it for what it is - trauma.

      It is time to set those things down and start on a path toward joy and freedom, and create a life that you love.


Meet Beth

Certified Trauma Recovery Coach

As a survivor of developmental trauma, I am excited you found this site and are beginning, or continuing on your healing journey.  The first step is to recognize the dysfunction and chaos you grew up in, and I am passionate about helping people to stop the generational trauma in their families.


"Each day, recovery from the effects of family dysfunction begins when one adult child sits across from another - sharing experience, strength and hope." ~ACA

My areas of focus:


Covert Abuse and Neglect


Developmental Trauma & CPTSD

Winding Roads

Spiritual Health


Enneagram Personality Profiles

Mountain Ridge

Neurodivergence (Autism/ADHD etc) and Trauma


Emotionally Immature Parents


Generational Trauma


Bach Flower Remedies

Wild Icelandic Horses

Family Systems

Camping in the Wilderness

Trauma/Tension Release Exercises (TRE)


Become the person you needed when you were younger...

Let's live a good story! 

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